100% Biodegradable Bio Liners 200 Roll


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Made from Ingeo fabric (cornstarch). Biodegradable non-petroleum source. This is Nature’s Child most popular item due to its convenience and need for most parents. Compostable and flushable nappy liner.

5 GREAT reasons to use a Bioliner with your nappy whether disposable or cloth!!

  1. No need to scrape poo off your cloth nappies anymore - simply place one of these nappy liners inside any cloth or disposable nappy and it will catch the poo before it gets into the nappy.
  2. You only have to wash a wet nappy, not a pooey one when you use a bioliner.
  3. Makes using cloth nappies easy when you are out of the house! Simply dispose poo and take home a wet nappy for washing.
  4. Nature's Child bioliners may assist in keeping your baby's skin dry!
  5. Nature's Child bioliners can be cut in half for a newborn, potentially turning your roll of 200 into a lot more!

Nature's Child Flushable Bio Liners are made from PLA, a biopolymer from cornstarch. Certified biodegradable.

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Nature's Child produces natural and organic products for babies.

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