Malcolm Rands started ecostore with his wife Melanie in the basement of their home in an eco-village in New Zealand in 1993. They’d been using sustainable and organic gardening practices on their property for many years but realised they were still being exposed to way too many toxic chemicals through the cleaning and body care products they were using. As a result, ecostore was born.

Ecostore products have a wealth of scientific research and innovation behind them. Under the direction of Sir Ray Avery (2010 New Zealander of the Year) their lead formulator and chemist, each product is months in the development and making, ensuring the safest health, environmental and efficacy standards are achieved. 

Coconut Vanilla Body Wash 400ml
Dishwash Liquid - Fragrance Free 500ml
Auto Dish Powder - Lemon 1Kg

Ecostore Auto Dish Powder - Lemon 1Kg

$13.95 $13.07
Auto Dish Powder - Lemon 2Kg

Ecostore Auto Dish Powder - Lemon 2Kg

$24.95 $23.38
Auto Dishwash Tablets - Fragrance Free 30 Tabs
Baby Body Wash 200ml

Ecostore Baby Body Wash 200ml

$12.95 $11.32
Baby Bubble Bath 200ml

Ecostore Baby Bubble Bath 200ml

$12.95 $11.32
Baby Bubble Bath 500ml

Ecostore Baby Bubble Bath 500ml

$19.95 $17.45
Baby Goat's Milk Soap 80g

Ecostore Baby Goat's Milk Soap 80g

$3.95 $3.57
Baby Moisturiser 200ml

Ecostore Baby Moisturiser 200ml

$12.95 $11.32
Baby Nappy Balm - Fragrence-Free 60ml
Baby Shampoo 200ml

Ecostore Baby Shampoo 200ml

$12.95 $11.31
Baby Sleepytime Bath Wash 200ml
Bathroom & Shower Cleaner - Citrus 500ml
Cream Cleanser - Lemon 375ml
Cream Cleanser - Unscented 375ml
Cucumber Foaming Hand Wash (Refill) 500ml
Dish Scrubber

Ecostore Dish Scrubber

$7.95 $7.19
Dishwash Liquid - Fragrance Free 1L
Dishwash Liquid - Grapefruit 500ml
Dishwash Liquid - Lemon 1L

Ecostore Dishwash Liquid - Lemon 1L

$12.95 $12.13
Dishwash Liquid - Lemon 500ml
Fabric Softener - Citrus 500ml
Foaming Hand Wash - Cucumber & Bergamot 250ml
Foaming Hand Wash - Grapefruit & Mint 250ml
Fragrance Free Auto Dishwash Tablets x50
Glass & Surface Cleaner - Unscented 500ml
Hand Wash (Refill) - Coconut & Vanilla 500ml
Hand Wash (Refill) - Fragrance Free 250ml
Hand Wash (Refill) - Rose & Cardamon 500ml
Hand Wash - Coconut & Vanilla 250ml
Hand Wash - Fragrance Free 250ml
Hand Wash - Orange & Patchouli 250ml
Hand Wash - Rose & Cardamon 250ml
Laundry Liquid - Eucalyptus 1L
Laundry Liquid - Eucalyptus 5L
Laundry Liquid - Fragrance Free 1L
Laundry Liquid - Geranium & Orange 1L
Laundry Powder (Front Loader) - Lemon 500g
Laundry Powder - Fragrance Free 1Kg
Laundry Powder - Geranium & Orange 1Kg
Laundry Powder - Lemon 1Kg

Ecostore Laundry Powder - Lemon 1Kg

$12.95 $12.13
Laundry Powder - Lemon 2Kg

Ecostore Laundry Powder - Lemon 2Kg

$24.95 $23.38
Laundry Powder - Lemon 4.5Kg

Ecostore Laundry Powder - Lemon 4.5Kg

$49.95 $48.39
Laundry Powder - Lemon 500g
Laundry Soaker & Stain Remover - Fragrance Free 1Kg
Lemon Rinse Aid 200ml

Ecostore Lemon Rinse Aid 200ml

$6.95 $6.30
Multi-Purpose Cleaner - Citrus 500ml
Orange & Patchouli Hand Wash (Refill) 500ml