Wallaby's world-class facility sits on an escarpment in the Byron Bay Shire, on the edge of the Pacific Ocean. They hand make their foods, and specialise in cold-pressing – not processing raw, superfood ingredients.

Fruit  Nut Yoghurt  (Box 6x150g)
Fruit &  Nut Milk Chocolate  (Box 6x150g)
Fruit & Nut Dark Chocolate (Box 6x150g)
Orange/Almond/Coconut Dark Choc 6x150g
Orange/Almond/Coconut Yoghurt  6x150g
Superfoodie Apple Raspberry Slices 8x48g
Superfoodie Banana Coconut Cha Slices 8x48g
Superfoodie Blueberry Lemon Slices 8x48g
Superfoodie Cappuccino Cacao Slices 8x48g
Superfoodie Coconut Lime Slices 8x48g