Fulhealth Industries High Purity Magnesium Colloid 500ml

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Magnesium is one of the three minerals in Australia that is deficient in our soils and therefore many of us are already deficient, even if we are eating a perfect wholesome organic diet. (The other two are zinc and selenium). If our soil is deficient in a mineral, so too will our fruit and vegetables become deficient. Magnesium ions are essential to all living cells and are the 11th most abundant element by mass in the human body.

Colloidal Magnesium starts being absorbed even before it hits the stomach, let alone the small intestine. As soon as the tiny ions touch the mucosal lining of the mouth, they are being absorbed. The bad news about Colloidal Magnesium is the taste it is simply revolting. The wonderful thing about Colloidal Magnesium is that it can be taken internally in juice (such as dark grape) or rubbed on the skin externally, as the colloid will be absorbed straight through the epidermal layers into the blood stream.

Magnesium 29000 mg/L, Calcium 700 mg/L, Potassium 460 mg/L, Sodium 1090 mg/L, Sulphur 110 mg/L, Contains 4.5% Alcohol.

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