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Nature's most nutritionally dense vegetable superfood, Hawaiian Pacific SPIRULINA contains more concentrated organic nutrition than any other known food, and a powerhouse of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory minerals. In fact, just 3 grams (or 6 tablets) has more antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity than 5 servings of fresh fruit and vegetables.

A microscopic spiral, blue-green algae, Spirulna is highly digestible and a rich whole-food source of complete protein, GLA, important B complexes - including bio-available B12, enzymes, RNA, DNA, sulfolipids, glycogen and other essential organic, whole-food minerals and trace elements.

Want to learn more about the amazing health and beauty benefits of spirulina? Check out '11 Health & Beauty Benefits of Spirulina and Chlorella'

Having trouble losing weight? An impaired ability to process fat and carbohydrates from our food may make weight loss even more of a challenge. Enjoying a nutrient-rich supplement such as spirulina can provide a range of compounds to help support these processes. Plus, Spirulina is protein-rich, and diets higher in protein tend to offer sustainable weight loss benefits

Some Highlights

Hawaiian Pacifica Spirulina's concentrated nutrition makes it an ideal food supplement for people of all ages and lifestyles

  • Powerful immune stimulant
  • Ideal food supplement for people of all ages
  • World’s richest source of beta-carotene – 25 times higher than raw carrots
  • 300% more calcium than whole milk
  • 28 times richer in iron than raw beef liver
  • Easy to take form of nourishment for people with digestive difficulties
  • Can increase energy levels and reduce recovery time for athletes
  • Natures richest whole-food source of the entire anti-oxidant spectrum

At Healthy Being, we like putting things into perspective! So to get an idea of how Hawaiian Pacifica Spirulina compares, it has:

  • 300% more calcium than whole milk
  • 2300% more iron than spinach
  • 3900% more beta carotene than carrots
  • 375% more protein than tofu

Suggested Use: One serve = 3g (1 level teaspoon)

  • Adults: 1 - 3 Serve Daily

We also recommend that if you are new to spirulina, and perhaps not used to a lot of greens in your diet, you try half serves for the first few days and perhaps have it after food rather than on an empty stomach. A good time to use spirulina is after breakfast, then again mid afternoon.

Size: 450g Hawaiian Pacifica Spirulina Powder per Bottle

100% Pure Hawaiian Spirulina (Arthrospira platensis)

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When it comes to Superfoods, Green Nutritionals make it easier with their Super 8 Standard of quality, integrity & efficacy; no plastics, no oxidation, full disclosure, good manufacturing practice (gmp), environmental protection, 100% recyclable packaging, health food only brand...and finally, Green nutritionals is an Australian owned company and manufactures in Australia in accordance with GMP, using the best local and imported superfoods.


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