Just Jojoba Pure Australian Golden Jojoba 500ml

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  • Vegetarian

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  • 100% Natural
  • Highly Nourishing and Moisturising
  • Multipurpose Oil
  • Rich in Antioxidants and Vitamins A, D and E

Jojoba is a rich, natural moisturiser suitable for the body, face, hair, lips and nails. Deeply nourishing, it functions as a daily moisturiser for the face or a treatment for soothing problematic skin conditions like eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, rosacea, nappy rash and sunburn.

It helps to soften cuticles and strengthen nails as well as providing much needed hydration to dry and damaged hair. Gentle and 100% natural, Jojoba oil is suitable for children and babies as well as adults.

Jojoba - The Remarkable Molecule

It is a remarkable evolutionary story - Isolated in the desert, Jojoba has travelled its own evolutionary path. Unlike other plants, Jojoba cells and enzymes produce absolutely no glycerol. Rather, it combines fatty alcohols and fatty acids to make a molecule that is radically different to the oils and fats made by all other plants.

What does that mean for your skin care or massage treatments?

Jojoba is in perfect harmony with your skin. Jojoba contributes to the balance in your skin, because its structure is almost identical to the natural wax esters that maintain young human skin.

Furthermore Jojoba's wax esters cannot bond with other atoms or molecules,nor does it readily bond with oxygen - giving it an extensive shelf. Your Jojoja skin care products will last longer and really contribute to your skins natural balance and youthfulness.

The closest nature has ever come to providing such benefits to skin care through cosmetics - was through whale oil. Whale oil use to be the main ingredient in skin care products up until the banning of whale killing in 1982. Even whale oil failed to provide the unique skin care properties that we find in Jojoba.

100% Pure Australian Jojoba Oil

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Just Jojoba Australia was created in 2011 by husband and wife team Lindsey and Meredith Marshall after the birth our number 7 boy Theo. The all round benefits of using pure Australian Grown Jojoba Oil on every member of their family for the treatment of acne, stretch marks, mouth ulcers, head lice control, nappy rash empowered the couple to ensure this miraculous product was correctly priced and available to everyone.  Since then their distribution of the product into health food stores in Australia as well as supply to the worldwide market has been inspirational and a real testimony to the amazing properties of their very proudly AUSTRALIAN GROWN jojoba oil.
In September 2012 they were accepted by the "Australia Made, Australian Grown" Campaign and are authorised to include this symbol on all their packing.  This symbols shows the collaboration they have dealing directly with Aussie growers of this amazing crop.  Purchasing Just Jojoba Australia ensures all money stays in Australia.

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