NTS Health Bio-Bubble Probiotic 2L

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  • Vegetarian

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Bio-Bubble™ is a fizzy, fermented probiotic powerhouse, featuring food-based antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, enzymes and billions of beneficial microorganisms per serve.

Bio-Bubble™ contains billions of organisms per serve featuring multiple strains of beneficial gut organisms, including acidophilus and bifidus (in live form).

  • Contains food-derived minerals, vitamins, fatty acids and antioxidants, all in biologically digested form.
  • Also includes free amino acids, enzymes and billions of beneficial gut organisms.

Digestive health and radiant wellness are synonymous and many of us may benefit from boosting the biology responsible for digestion.

Recommended Usage

50 to 150 mL per serve (per day)
Intensive bio-balancing may require up to three Litres per week (initially).
Ideal additive for baking bread - Use instead of water (up to 150 mL per loaf of bread).

No Artificial Colouring, Flavouring or Preservatives. Non-Dairy.

Malt, Organic Honey, Fresh Lemon Juice. Fermented Grains and Legumes: Oats, Maize, Alfalfa Seed, BD Rice, Fresh Green Ginger, Linseed, Mung Beans, Rye Grain, Wheat, Millet. Filtered Water Added. Fermented with Natural Organic Lactobacillus Bacteria and Symbiotic Yeasts.

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NTS Health have developed one of the most high quality, unique product selections in the holistic health industry. Their philosophy differs from the symptom-treating ’sickness’ industry in that our focus is upon the proactive maintenance of optimal wellness.

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