Natural Weight Loss Products

All of the natural and organic weight loss products we proudly have in stock are great additions to your journey of losing kilos. Whether you decide to pick up the all-natural Sugar Crave Release Spray, the VLC Diet Caps or anything else, you know you’re getting a quality product when you buy from us. We don't stock anything with synthetic ingredients or harmful chemicals.

When you’re searching for organic, Healthy Being is a great place to come. Whatever item is required, there’s a good chance you’ll find it at our store and, better still, we make sure to keep our prices very competitive. We even offer free shipping for you when you spend more than $99. So be sure to have a good browse through all of our inventory!

SLIM TEA Extra Strength Tea Bags x15
VLC Diet Supreme Soft Gel Caps x50
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Green Banana Resistant Starch 1kg
Sugar Crave Release Spray 50ml
5 Point Herbal Detox Tonic 500ml
DIETERS Extra Strength Tea Bags x15
100% Japanese Matcha Green Tea 110g
Berry DeTox Herbal Tea Bags x16
Blueberry Slim Life Herbal Tea Bags x16
Cellfood Natural Burn formula 118ml
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Detox Crystal Salt Bath Soak 1Kg
Detox Foot Patches (5 pairs) 10 Pk
DeTox Herbal Tea Bags x16

Yogi Tea DeTox Herbal Tea Bags x16

$9.95 $9.02
Detox Herbal Tea Bags x25
Detox Supreme Tablets x35
DIETERS Regular Strength Tea Bags x30
EpZEN Detox Magnesium Bath Crystals 900g
Fresh Start Slim & Cleanse – 10 Day Program
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Garcinia Supreme 3000 (HCA) Caps x90
Green Banana Resistant Starch 500g
Matcha Green Tea Powder 60g
Matcha Protein Ball Mix 185g
Natural Matcha Chai Tea 50g
Natural Matcha Green Tea 50g
Organic Amazon Acai Powder 150g
Organic Hulled Hemp Seeds 114g
Organic Hulled Hemp Seeds 250g
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Organic Matcha Green Tea 70g
Organic Stevia Slim Liquid 30ml
Organic Stevia Slim Powder 200g
Organic Stevia Slim Powder 500g
Organic Stevia Slim Tablets x200
Organic Yacon Root Powder 100g
Pure Acetyl L-Carnitine (Alcar) 200g
Raspberry Ketones & African Mango Caps x60
Raw Nopal Cactus Powder 500g
Raw Slim & Tone Protein - Vanilla Cinnamon 1kg
Raw Slim & Tone Protein - Vanilla Cinnamon 500g
Skin DeTox Herbal Tea Bags x16
SLIM TEA Regular Strength Tea Bags x30
Weight Management Diet Drops 30ml