Organic Perfume Oil

Organic Celestial Forest Perfume Oil 10ml
Organic Himalayan Sunset Perfume Oil 10ml
Organic Majestic Rose Perfume Oil 10ml
Organic Mystic Nature Perfume Oil 10ml
Organic Patchouli Bliss Perfume Oil 10ml
Organic Wildflower Perfume Oil 10ml

Faintly scent your body with our range of aromatic perfume oils that have been made with essential oils and completely natural extracts. Swap your regular, synthetic perfume for natural perfume oil, extracted from essential oil blends of plants and flowers.

Perfume oil is perfect for those amongst us who are sensitive to synthetic perfume. Do you find yourself sneezing and wheezing when you spray yourself with perfume? Do you break out in a rash or get a headache, even when it’s not you wearing the perfume? The truth is, factory-made perfume is loaded with chemicals. Look at your perfume bottle and read the ingredients, it almost reads like a chemistry textbook!

So if you’re looking for something that still smells as amazing as perfume, but without the added side-effects, switch to perfume oil that’s been made with essential oils. At Healthy Being, our organic and natural perfume oils will have you smelling delicious without the negative effects of synthetic.