Natural Eyebrow Pencils & Eye Liner

Face facts, there is nothing more precious than your eyes. So, ask yourself why anyone would choose to use an eyebrow pencil or eye liner that’s made up of dangerous synthetic chemicals! An eyebrow, so close to the eye, often sheds residue that can end up around the sensitive skin around the eye. So choosing an makeup pencil that’s all natural means you avoid the risk of harmful chemical causing some serious damage.

At Healthy Being, we only sell makeup pencils that are made with 100% natural ingredients that will have you looking and feeling amazing. Gone are the days when all natural makeup pencils cost a… well, eye and a leg, and with free shipping over $99 you have no excuse to use inferior, synthetic options.

Black Natural Eye Liner Pencil 1g
Espresso Natural Eye Liner Pencil 1g
Smoke Natural Eye Liner Pencil 1g