Golden Grind

Golden Grind was created by Tahli and Renwick Watts and Sage Greenwood. Tahli is a certified nutritional scientist with a love for health and nutrition. Renwick is a sportsman with a degree in Business Marketing and an extensive history in hospitality. Sage is an ex-model with a law degree and nerdy love for data and numbers. The 3 had been eating and drinking Turmeric to trial it's anti-inflammatory properties and we were completely flabbergasted by its results.


Turmeric Capsules x60

Golden Grind Turmeric Capsules x60

$24.95 $21.82
Turmeric Face Mask 50g

Golden Grind Turmeric Face Mask 50g

$24.95 $21.82
Turmeric Face Scrub 100ml
Turmeric Latte Blend (12x15g)
Turmeric Latte Blend - Chilli 100g
Turmeric Latte Blend - Coconut & Cacao 100g
Turmeric Latte Blend 100g
Turmeric Super Smoothie Blend 200g
Turmeric Tea Bags x15

Golden Grind Turmeric Tea Bags x15

$9.95 $8.71