Manitoba Harvest

Manitoba Harvest are proud to be the world’s largest manufacturer to grow, make and sell their own line of hemp food products. They take a seed to shelf approach, controlling everything from what hemp seed gets planted, to how products are manufactured, packaged, and distributed, working directly with Canadian farmers and influencing how their non-GMO hemp seeds are cultivated. Their hemp seeds go through over 34 tests throughout the production process before leaving their facility.

Manitoba Harvest's commitment to quality throughout the entire process means you’re getting the freshest tasting hemp products and everything they do is influenced by how it will impact the community and environment around them.

Hemp Protein Smoothie Mix - Mixed Berry 312g
Shelled Hemp Seeds - Hemp Hearts 454g
Hemp Heart Bites - Chocolate 113g
Hemp Heart Bites - Cinnamon 113g
Hemp Heart Bites - Original 113g
Hemp Heart Toppers - Coconut & Cocoa 125g
Hemp Protein Smoothie Mix - Chocolate 312g
Hemp Protein Smoothie Mix - Vanilla Chai 312g
Shelled Hemp Seeds - Hemp Hearts 227g