Riddells Creek

Riddells Creek produces a range oral care and massage products that are completely non toxic, effective and gentle. They use only the purest of ingredients, perfumed with locally sourced essential oils wherever possible.

Herbal Toothpaste  100g
Kids Banana Toothpaste 50g
Kids Orange Toothpaste 50g
Kids Strawberry Toothpaste 50g
Lemon Toothpaste  100g
Mint Toothpaste  100g

Riddells Creek Mint Toothpaste 100g

$10.95 $9.92
Natural Carrier Oil Blend 200ml
Natural In The Clouds Massage Oil 200ml
Natural Relaxing Massage Oil 200ml
Natural Sensual Massage Oil 200ml
Natural Wild Body Massage Oil 200ml
Organic Mouth Freshener 50ml
Organic Mouthwash 250ml
Organic Sensitive Toothpaste 100g
Organic Whitening Toothpaste 100g