CELLFOOD Original Concentrate (Minerals, Enzymes & Aminos) 30ml

CELLFOOD Original Concentrate (Minerals, Enzymes & Aminos) 30ml

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Cellfood Original Concentrate with Enzymes, Minerals & Aminos.

Cellfood Original Concentrate is a unique and proprietary formulation that combines dissolved oxygen, electrolytes, 78 iconic minerals, 34 enzymes and 17 amino acids in a super energised ionic concentration. A breakthrough oxygen and nutrient formula, Cellfood takes superfoods and vital nutrition to a whole new level with an unsurpassed oxygen and nutrient delivery system - with quick and efficient absorption into every cell in your body.

Cellfood is packed with antioxidants, is highly alkalising and completely safe, created using all-natural and premium plant ingredients.

Health Benefits of Cellfood Concentrate

When you ingest Cellfood, a proprietary water-splitting action begins immediately after the first sip. A cascading time release of oxygen peaks within 8-12 hours and then continues to work every hour after, simultaneously delivering essential minerals, enzymes, amino acids and electrolytes to every cell in your body! With the power of oxygen with hydrogen and 129 vital nutrients, Cellfood Concentrate works to:

  • Generate and deliver vital oxygen and hydrogen to assist the increase of the body’s cellular respiration to help remove waste and toxins, repair and rebuild tissue and support overall healthy functioning.
  • Enhance energy levels, alertness and concentration by supplying vital nutrients that help nourish the body and boost energy. 
  • Assist in detoxifying the body using nature’s great detoxifier - oxygen, which enables the body to eliminate waste materials. Cellfood has powerful detoxifying properties, removing free radicals and supporting a stronger immune system.
  • Repair and rebuild tissue with a unique di-base, di-pole formulation that facilitates rapid tissue repair and may help normalise acid/alkaline levels and balance your metabolism.
  • Deliver its nutrients in an ionic form – at an amazingly tiny 4 to 7 nanometers in size – for quick and efficient absorption at the cellular level.

Cellfood is colloidal and negatively charged, and because of its electromagnetic design, there is a natural synchronicity between body fluids so that vital nutrients are absorbed and assimilated quickly and efficiently to the cells and tissues. This exceptional delivery system is not only for its own nutrients but it also increases cell-absorption of any other nutrients ingested within the same 24 hour period (by as much as 3-5 times).

Not only is there no known toxicity associated with Cellfood, its negatively charged molecules also seek out and attract dangerous free radicals, joining with them to form stabilised oxygen.

Directions: Adults take 8 drops in 240m of purified or distilled water, or juice, 3 times per day-or during stress or physical activity. Best taken between meals (at least 15 min. before or 1 hour after). You can also mix 1 day’s amount in a water bottle and sip throughout the day. Note, some users may experience a cleansing response. If so, halve the dosage at the beginning then gradually resume full dosage.

Use Cellfood carefully over any surfaces and materials when undiluted, as the product contains organic enzymes.

Size: 30ml Bottle (30 day supply)

78 Iconic Minerals, 34 Enzymes, 17 Amino Acids from Plant Based Sources.

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Since its founding in 1969 as an independent research and development facility of oxygen based health and beauty products, Cellfood has earned an international reputation for excellence, quality, and innovation… second to none. Cellfood is now recognised as the leading developer worldwide of high-performance, oxygen based, consumer health and beauty products. The complete range of integrated Cellfood oxygen nutrition and skin care products is designed to optimise physical health, enhance physical performance, and rejuvenate dermal vitality.

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