Fair Trade Products

A lot of items that we consume have the potential to have originated from extreme poverty. For some time, the world had a blindfold pulled over its eyes regarding the conditions of workers and farmers in developing countries, in exchange for a brutally unfair monetary return. These days, you have the option to make a huge difference in impoverished workers’ lives and make sure you’re buying food, beauty and other products that keep social factors in mind; fair trade products.

It’s great to be part of a movement that allows better deals for badly-treated farmers or workers, helping to improve lives and working towards a reduction of global poverty. Whether you’re looking for tea or coffee, facial cleanser or other beauty products, we stock it. So be sure to browse our entire selection of items – we even have free shipping Australia-wide for any order that’s over $99!

Raw Organic Cacao Butter Chunks 1kg
Organic Dark Mint Chocolate 80g
Top Seller
Organic Dark Quinoa Chocolate 80g
Organic Dark Velvet Chocolate 80g
2chic Ultra-Sleek Conditioner 250ml
2chic Ultra-Sleek Leave-in Conditioner 118ml
2chic Ultra-Sleek Shampoo 250ml
2Chic Ultra-Sleek Styling Mist Blow Out 118ml
2chic Ultra-Sleek Styling Mist Flat Iron 118ml
Baby Bath & Body Wash 500ml
Baby Cleansing Pads  60 Pk
Baby Hair & Body Wash 200ml
Baby Hair & Body Wash 500ml
Baby Safety Buds  56 Pk
Baby Shampoo 200ml

Ecostore Baby Shampoo 200ml

$12.95 $11.31
Baby Sleeptime Bath Wash 250ml
Baby Sleepytime Bath Wash 200ml
Caramel Lip Shimmer 2.6g
Cherry Lip Shimmer 2.6g
Citrus Black Soap 475ml

Alaffia Citrus Black Soap 475ml

$14.95 $13.54
Coconut Reishi Shower Gel 236ml
Face Creame For Men 150g
Foaming Hand Wash - Grapefruit & Mint 250ml
Grade A Pure Maple Syrup 473ml
Grade A Pure Maple Syrup 946ml
Hydrating Body Lotion - Coconut Lime 950ml
Hydrating Body Wash - Coconut Lime 950ml
Hydrating Coconut Body Lotion 950ml
Hydrating Coconut Body Wash 950ml
Hydrating Coconut Conditioner 950ml