Organic Kale Products

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Want to know how to eat kale and enjoy the health benefits, without even tasting it? Kale juice is practically impossible to make as it’s so fibrous, and many people aren’t so sure about the taste and texture of fresh kale. So enjoy the health benefits with a kale superfood powder instead! What is kale powder used for? Retaining the goodness of fresh kale in a convenient powder form.

You can use kale powder in a variety of dishes. Make a kale shake or smoothie, ice cream, raw dessert, salad dressing, and even add a teaspoon or two to savoury baked goods, bolognese and meatballs! Kale is a nutrient-rich powerhouse! It provides nutrients such as calcium, iron, Vitamin A, C and K for healthy skin and bones, immune support, an energy boost and healthy eyes. Try some of this amazing green superfood today!