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BLOKS Energy Chews - Black Cherry (18x60g)
BLOKS Energy Chews - Margarita (18x60g)
BLOKS Energy Chews - Mountain Berry (18x60g)
BLOKS Energy Chews - Orange (18x60g)
BLOKS Energy Chews - Strawberry (18x60g)
BLOKS Energy Chews - Tropical Punch (18x60g)
SHOT Energy Gel - Chocolate (24x34g)
SHOT Energy Gel - Double Expresso (24x34g)
SHOT Energy Gel - Razz (24x34g)

CLIF SHOT Energy Gel - Razz (24x34g)

$86.90 $95.76

Boost your athletic performance with an energy gel sports supplement that will not only enhance your workout while you’re doing it but also aid in your recovery process. Essentially, energy gels and chews are carbohydrate-filled supplements that provide energy while you’re training and promote a quick recovery. They are commonly used in endurance events like running, cycling and triathlons, but really anyone can benefit from an energy gel or sports supplement.

At Healthy Being, we stock a range of energy gels and sports supplements, like Clif Bar energy gels and chews. Clif Bar’s energy gels and chews are made with 90% organic ingredients and provide a streamlined approach to performance nutrition, delivering only what your body needs most while training and racing. Shop Healthy Being’s range of energy gels, energy chews and sports supplements today and take advantage of our free shipping and delivery Australia wide on orders over $99.

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