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Looking for a natural alternative to regular sweeteners? Then you must try Yacon root! It’s an all natural, low-calorie, low-GI sweetener that unlike other sugars, actually supports a healthy gut! Naturally sweet with hints of maple syrup and caramel, the South American yacon plant is a nutritious alternative to regular sugar. The sweetness from yacon root comes from its mix of digestible and indigestible sugars. In fact, up to 50% of its sugars are indigestible, which mean they pass right through your system, unable to be absorbed or used for energy. So you get the taste, without the calories!

These indigestible sugars feed your gut bacteria too, so when you use yacon root as an alternative sweetener, you not only enjoy a delicious, naturally-sweet treat, but you’re improving the health of your gut at the same time. Sounds like a superfood to us!