Healthy Being Rewards Program

Here at Healthy Being, we are always striving to give our customers what their health demands. We don’t stop there though, because we also believe our customers deserve to be rewarded for not only their healthy choices, but their loyalty as well. That is why we’ve created the Healthy Being Reward Program! It's our way of giving back, and in a sense keeping your wallets as healthy as your bodies!

So How Do HB Rewards Work?

Shop & Earn:
Quite simply...for every dollar you spend in our store you will earn one reward point, and you can use reward points towards future purchases – the more you shop, the more YOU save. It's our way of promoting healthy living, and of course thanking customers for their loyalty.

Buy, use, REVIEW:
We know we only sell 100% quality products but hey, it's a bit of a conflict of interest. So we need our awesome customers to tell us, and everyone else what THEY think (the word on the street!). So, when you buy a product and rate/review it after use we will deposit five points for every product reviewed. You're basically helping us help others...and we believe your time and effort needs to be rewarded.

The Nuts & Bolts

Our current points system exchange rate is:

  • $1 = 1 Point

  • 20 Points = $1

So let's take Mr. Healthy's scenario as an example

Mr. Healthy has a sweet tooth but doesn't want to eat garbage from the local supermarket, so he decides to purchase a box of 39 healthy and delicious organic cookies at a discounted price of only $99.5. For his purchase he will earn 99.5 HB Reward Points. Now when Mr. Healthy purchases the same product next week (it was a really bad sweet tooth), he can choose to apply his 99.5 points towards his purchase and receive almost $5 OFF!! Yet another healthier and happier Healthy Being Member :)

So what are you waiting for...

Join Now & Commit to a Healthier You!