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Advanced 3-in-1 MultiFibre 400g
Advanced 3-in-1 MultiFibre 800g
Bio-Bubble - Gluten Free Probiotic 1.25L
Bio-Bubble Probiotic 2L

NTS Health Bio-Bubble Probiotic 2L

$34.95 $33.85
Bio-Bubble Probiotic 500ml

NTS Health Bio-Bubble Probiotic 500ml

$11.95 $11.20
Digest-Ease Probiotic 150g

NTS Health Digest-Ease Probiotic 150g

$31.95 $29.95
Organic Inulin Powder 150g

Morlife Organic Inulin Powder 150g

$16.95 $15.89
Organic Raw Pre-Probiotics 120g
Ultimate Biotic - Pre/Probiotic 80g

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Ever heard the saying ‘health begins in the gut’? Countless studies are starting to show that this is actually true. And, one of the best ways to improve the health of your gut is with probiotic supplements and prebiotic supplements. While the two sound very similar, probiotic supplements and prebiotic supplements are very different and have different roles in the digestive system. Probiotics are a mix of healthy gut bacteria that support your overall health. Prebiotics are the foods that feed your gut bacteria, keeping them healthy and happy.

If you’re looking for ways to support your gut bacteria, try a probiotic powder, or drink like Kombucha Max. You can also incorporate a daily prebiotic capsule into your diet. Both probiotic supplements and prebiotic supplements help to reduce bloating, support your immune system, extract even more nutrients out of the food you eat, give you more energy, and even help improve your mood. Explore our range of wholesome prebiotic supplements and probiotic supplements and start enjoying the benefits of a healthier gut today