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Organic Aloe Vera Gel 200ml

Aloe Pura Organic Aloe Vera Gel 200ml

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Organic Aloe Vera Lotion + Shea Butter 200ml

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Hands up if you’ve ever Google ‘how to treat sunburn?’ We’ll be the first ones to admit we’ve done this countless times. The best way to treat sunburn? Aloe vera gel. Well actually, the best way to treat sunburn is to avoid it all together, but that’s another story.

Let’s face it: there’s nothing worse than coming home after a wonderful day spent in the sun, only to realise you’re sunburnt (let’s not even get into the horrible peeling skin that comes with it!) So, if you’re tired of asking your friends and Google how to treat sunburn, just remember this one miracle plant: aloe vera. The aloe vera plant has been used for centuries to relieve and heal sun damaged skin and is unmatched in its ability to hydrate and moisturise skin.

However, to get the full benefits of aloe vera you need to use a natural and organic aloe vera gel. A common gel from the supermarket contains only a small percentage of aloe vera and is mostly made up of synthetic compounds. You don’t need to look far for a quality aloe vera gel when you shop online at Healthy Being.

After sun treatments are especially important in Australia, where the sun is hot and the ozone layer offers little protection from the bright rays. Healthy Being has all of the natural after sun care products you need to stay nice and comfortable, even after a long day out in the sun.

Organic After Sun Treatments in Australia

If your skin becomes red and irritated after sun exposure, natural aloe vera gel and lotion offer a pleasant, soothing sensation. Healthy Being has a wide range of after sun treatments to take the heat down and keep you feeling good, even if you went a little overboard outside. It's remarkable how great a dollop of aloe vera can feel on inflamed skin, helping you to sleep better after lots of sunshine.

Natural After Sun Skin Care

Sunburn happens to the best of us, and oftentimes they can creep up on you. You may not realise you're burning until it's too late — even if you heard your mum's voice in the back of your mind. But if you have organic, vegan-friendly after sun treatment on hand, you can soothe and hydrate your sunburnt skin. The instant cooling and hydrating powers of aloe vera are trusted by many outdoor lovers who need after sun skincare.

Affordable Soothing Skin Care Solutions

Take care of your skin no matter what adventures come your way with after-sun treatments.  If your sunscreen wears off on your next beach trip or hike, we have you covered with pure aloe vera skincare. Our after sun care is all-natural, so you can rest assured that you're putting only the best products on your skin. If you ever have any questions about after sun treatments, just contact the skincare specialists at Healthy Being.

If you're ready to buy after sun treatments in Australia, look no further than the natural after sun care offerings at Healthy Being. We have special prices and many aloe vera products in stock and ready to ship, so start shopping today.

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