100% Natural Cordials, Elixirs & Syrups from Alchemy

A family business, Alchemy began from humble beginnings as a market stall selling homemade cordials in 1997. Since then, they have grown organically to become a successful and renowned manufacturer of naturally flavoured beverages. With an obsession with flavour, they're driven by a passion to create delicious, hand-made, and 100% natural cordials and syrups that people love, completely free from preservative and GMO ingredients.

Their entire range is hand made with love and pride, with a motto that “Life is Magic – Drink it in”

So if you're looking for natural and organic cordials, completely free from preservatives and nasty ingredients, check out Healthy Being's range of elixirs and juices today! You'll absolutely fall in love with the incredible taste, exactly how nature intended, free from artificial ingredients. Shop now and enjoy free shipping options across Australia and worldwide delivery!

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Natural Chai Elixir - Original 300ml
Golden Turmeric Elixir - Original 300ml
Golden Turmeric Elixir - Unsweetened 300ml
Natural Chai Elixir - Original 750ml