Eco Household Items

General Use Bin Liners - Medium (30L) x25
Beige Bento Box - 5 Compartments & Cutlery
Biodegradable Nappy Bags x50
Eco Cling Wrap - 30m

SugarWrap Eco Cling Wrap - 30m

$6.95 $6.50
Eco Freezer Bags - Large x100
Eco Zipper Bags - Large x20
Resealable Sandwich Bags x30
Reusable Bowl Covers - 3 Piece Set
Salt Lamp Power Cord & Bulbs (12 Watt)
Salt Lamp Replacement Bulb (12 Watt)
Sponge Cloths (Scandi Leaves) x2
A Gift of Seeds - Billy Buttons
A Gift of Seeds - Chamomile
A Gift of Seeds - Echinacea
A Gift of Seeds - Enchanted Garden
A Gift of Seeds - Everlasting Daisy
A Gift of Seeds - Forget Me Not
A Gift of Seeds - Leafy Greens
A Gift of Seeds - Marigolds
A Gift of Seeds - Poppy

Sow 'n Sow A Gift of Seeds - Poppy

$9.95 $9.35
A Gift of Seeds - Secret Garden
A Gift of Seeds - Sunflower
A Gift of Seeds - Sweet Pea
A Gift of Seeds - Trio of Herbs
A Gift of Seeds - Wildflowers
Alkaline Filter Pitcher 3.5L
Alkaline Filter Pitcher Replacement Cartridge
Bamboo Cutlery Set + Chopsticks
Bamboo Cutlery Set + Organic Cotton Pouch
Bamboo Socks - Cactus 2.0
Bamboo Socks - Cowboy Crocs
Bamboo Socks - Day of the Dead
Bamboo Socks - Disco Sloths
Bamboo Socks - Dogs In Buns
Bamboo Socks - Gangsta Chickens
Bamboo Socks - Glazed Donuts
Bamboo Socks - Gym Guinea Pigs
Bamboo Socks - Hooping Pandas
Bamboo Socks - Jurassic Tacosaurus
Bamboo Socks - Kitchen Crabs
Bamboo Socks - Mischievous Pugs
Bamboo Socks - Space Koalas
Bamboo Socks - Working Kangaroo
Bamboo Spork

Ever Eco Bamboo Spork

$4.95 $4.65
Banksia Sky Natural Eye Mask
Banksia Sky Natural Wheatbag
Banksia Sky Sleep Gift Pack
Biodegradable Bags (30L) x20
Biodegradable Dishcloth - Australia Tree

At Healthy Being, we care about the environment and we know you do too. As an eco-conscious consumer, we understand you’re looking for items that are not only healthy for you but also good for the environment. That’s why we’re passionate about ensuring we have everything you need for an environmentally friendly kitchen and home. We stock a range of household products that will allow you to store your food and drinks safely, without the need for unnecessary plastic.

From bamboo cutlery, reusable shopping bags, produce bags to beeswax wrap, stainless steel containers and lunch boxes, we stock all of your plastic-free-home needs. And don’t forget, when you shop online with Healthy Being and spend over $99, shipping is on us! Shop our huge range of environmentally friendly household items today and feel good knowing you’re making a difference to the health of our planet.