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Citrus Refreshing Bath Milk 200ml
Epsom Salts Detox Bath Soak 2kg
Himalayan Salt Detox Bath Soak 1kg
Magnesium Recovery Flakes 2kg
Organic Dead Sea Mineral Bath Salt 1Kg
Pure Magnesium Bath Flakes 750g
Pure MSM 1kg

Luvin Life Pure MSM 1kg

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The benefits of bath salts and bath oils are innumerable. It is known that when oil is mixed with water, it has an ability to penetrate deep into our skin tissue, providing the ultimate rejuvenation experience. Bath oils are also believed to build stronger immunity to viral and bacterial infections, as well as various skin conditions. Oil baths also improve blood circulation, which can reduce fatigue and stiffness in the joints.

Bath salts also have incredible benefits. Dead Sea, Himalayan and Epsom salts all contain plenty of minerals that are critical nutrients for our bodies. And, these nutrients are often not absorbed from our food, making bath salts an incredibly powerful supplement. Take magnesium for example. Many people are aware that magnesium and sleep go hand in hand, but did you know magnesium also promotes quick healing of the skin tissue? While you can take magnesium in tablet or liquid form, one of the best magnesium supplements and ways to get magnesium into your body is a bath with magnesium bath salts.

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