Organic Seaweed

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While seaweed at the beach might be a bit of a nuisance, seaweed on your plate isn’t. Seaweed, with its crisp and nutty flavour, has the highest protein content of any sea vegetable, plus lots of other vitamins and minerals. Seaweed has an incredibly impressive nutritional profile. In fact, some studies suggest that seaweed may be able to lower blood pressure and promote better heart health. So how do you get your daily dose of seaweed? Simple: seaweed snacks.

Seaweed snacks, also known as nori, are tasty and nutritious and can be eaten right out of the packet. Known as the wrap around sushi, nori is a delicious and nutritious food to add to any savoury meal. You can eat it as a seaweed snack, or make a seaweed salad! You can also cut it into fine strips, adding a savoury taste to cooked grain cereals, miso soups or mixed into salads. Shop our range of nori and seaweed snacks today and enjoy free shipping Australia wide on orders over $99.

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