Organic Barley Grass

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Organic Barley Grass Powder 200g
Organic Barley Grass Powder 200g
Organic Green Superfoods Powder 120g
Organic Green Superfoods Powder 450g
Organic Green Superfoods Powder 900g
Organic Super Greens Powder 100g
Organic Super Greens Powder 500g
Organic Superfood Formula 400g
Organic Supergrass Powder 200g
Organic Vital Organic Greens Powder 200g

Did you know that barley grass contains a variety of nutrients that are essential for your health and well-being, including Vitamin A, B vitamins, chlorophyll, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, potassium, calcium and fibre? As you can see, barley grass powder contains a wealth of essential nutrients. Yet perhaps what’s most impressive about barley grass is that gram for gram, barley grass is said to contain 30 times more Vitamin B1 than cow’s milk, almost 7 times more vitamin C than oranges, 5 times the iron in spinach, as well as all the essential amino acids.

So, how do you feed your body with the nutritional powerhouse of barley grass? Green superfood powders are one of the easiest ways to incorporate the benefits of barley grass into your diet. At Healthy Being, we stock some of the best barley grass powder in Australia. Shop online now and receive free shipping Australia wide on orders over $99.

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