Eco Friendly Products

Coffee Mug Replacement Lid

Cheeki Coffee Mug Replacement Lid

$9.95 $8.60
General Use Bin Liners - Large (60L) x25
Coconut Bowl - Polished Finish
General Use Bin Liners - Medium (30L) x25
Kitchen Tidy Bags - Small x150
Kitchen Tidy Bags - Small x25
Natural Fruit & Vege Wash 500ml
Organic Soapberries 500g
Reusable Coffee Cup - Charcoal 236ml
Reusable Silicone Baking Mats x2
Straight Glass Straws (+Brush) x4
Black Cleaning Cloths x2

Planet Luxe Black Cleaning Cloths x2

$14.00 $13.15
Dog Waste Bags (Refill) x60
Gentoo Replacement Filter Cartridges (Bulk Pack) x9
Grevillea Natural Eye Mask
Insulated Stainless Steel Coffee Mug - Leopard 350ml
Natural Window & Glass Cleaner 500ml
Organic Soapberries 1kg
Reusable Glass Active Flask - Sandstone 500ml
Reusable Silicone Food Cover Set x6
Sponge Cloths (Scandi Leaves) x2
10" Roll Straw with Case - Amberlight
10" Roll Straw with Case - Bluestone
10" Roll Straw with Case - Mood Indigo
10" Roll Straw with Case - Sandstone
10" Roll Straw with Case - Terracotta
10" Roll Straw with Case - Vintage Blue
10" Roll Straw with Case - Vintage Green
3-in-1 Anti-Bacterial Cleaner 5L
3-in-1 Anti-Bacterial Cleaner 750ml
7" Roll Straw with Case - Amberlight
7" Roll Straw with Case - Bluestone
7" Roll Straw with Case - Mood Indigo
7" Roll Straw with Case - Sandstone
7" Roll Straw with Case - Terracotta
7" Roll Straw with Case - Vintage Blue
7" Roll Straw with Case - Vintage Green
A Gift of Seeds - Billy Buttons
A Gift of Seeds - Bug Wonderland
A Gift of Seeds - Chamomile
A Gift of Seeds - Christmas Greetings
A Gift of Seeds - Culinary Flowers
A Gift of Seeds - Echinacea
A Gift of Seeds - Enchanted Garden
A Gift of Seeds - Everlasting Daisy
A Gift of Seeds - Forget Me Not
A Gift of Seeds - Leafy Greens
A Gift of Seeds - Marigolds

Environmentally Friendly Products for Your Home and Everyday Use

Keeping your home clean is a lot easier said than done, but did you know that many mainstream household products could be adding even more toxins to your home? In fact, the average Australian home contains more than 60 harmful and toxic chemicals, such as phthalates, triclosan, ammonia and other noxious fumes. The truth is, we spend a lot of our free time in our homes, and why shouldn’t we – it’s where we live. Yet the saying goes, ‘you’re only as healthy as your environment’, so spending so much time in a home that exposes you to toxic chemicals is the last thing you want for you and your family. Too much exposure to such chemicals can cause illnesses such as asthma, neurotoxicity and even cancer.

The good news? By making the switch to environmentally friendly products, you’ll not only be helping keep the environment safe and clean, but likewise you’ll be keeping you and your family as healthy as possible. Switching from toxic, harmful home products to natural, organic and environmentally sustainable products doesn’t need to be hard, not when you have a wealth of environmentally friendly goods available to you online.

At Healthy Being, we want to transform Australian homes and protect families from the hazards of dangerous chemicals. That’s why our online stores stock a massive range of environmentally sustainable products, including environmentally friendly products for your home such as natural and organic laundry liquids and cleaning products, as well as everyday items such as eco-friendly BPA free bottles, reusable coffee cups, reusable straws, natural water filters and so much more.

Even better, we want to make healthy living and using environmentally friendly products accessible to all, which is why our prices are heavily discounted and we provide free door to door shipping Australia wide on orders over $99.