Healthy Home Products

You’re only as healthy as your environment, so living in a home that exposes you to toxic chemicals and harsh plastics is the last thing you want for your or your family. Studies have shown that an average aussie home contains more than 60 toxic chemicals, from the phthalates and triclosan to ammonia and other noxious fumes. Sadly, many ingredients in everyday home products have been linked to conditions such as asthma, cancer and neurotoxicity.

At Healthy Being, we want to transform Australian homes and protect families from the hazards of dangerous chemicals. Our online store provides a massive range of healthy home products, including natural and organic laundry liquids, cleaning products, eco friendly BPA free bottle and cups, and natural water filters. All our prices are heavily discounted and we provide free door to door shipping Australia wide on orders over $99.

Gentoo Replacement Filter Cartridge
Stainless Steel Double Stacker Lunch Box 1L
Alkaline Filter Pitcher 3.5L
Alkaline Filter Pitcher Replacement Cartridge
Gentoo Glass Water Filter Jug (White) 1.5L
3-in-1 Anti-Bacterial Cleaner 750ml
4 Piece Bottle Brush Set
Anti-bacterial Bath & Kitchen Spray 750ml
Auto Dish Powder - Lemon 1Kg

Ecostore Auto Dish Powder - Lemon 1Kg

$13.95 $13.07
Auto Dish Powder - Lemon 2Kg

Ecostore Auto Dish Powder - Lemon 2Kg

$24.95 $23.38
Auto Dishwash Tablets - Fragrance Free 30 Tabs
Bamboo Clothes Pegs x20

Go Bamboo Bamboo Clothes Pegs x20

$7.95 $6.95
Bamboo Cutlery Set

Ever Eco Bamboo Cutlery Set

$12.95 $11.32
Bathroom & Shower Cleaner - Citrus 500ml
Bathroom Air Freshener - Eucalyptus Mint 125ml
Bathroom Air Freshener - Lemon Tea Tree 125ml
Bathroom Cleaning Gel - Citrus & Tea Tree 500ml
BPA Free Water Bottle - Blue 2.2L
BPA Free Water Bottle - Charcoal 2.2L
BPA Free Water Bottle - Pink 2.2L
BPA Free Water Bottle 3.8L
Castor Oil  100ml

Vrindavan Castor Oil 100ml

$16.95 $15.36
Cheeki Classic Insulated Lid
Cotton Net Tote Bag - Long Handle
Cotton Net Tote Bag - Short Handle
Cream Cleanser - Lemon 375ml
Cream Cleanser - Unscented 375ml
Designer Shower Filter (Chrome)
Dish Scrubber

Ecostore Dish Scrubber

$7.95 $7.19
Dishwash Liquid - Australian Lavender 500ml
Dishwash Liquid - Lemon & Lime 500ml
Dishwash Liquid - Sweet Orange & Clementine 500ml
Everyday Cleaner - Sweet Orange & Tangerine 520ml
Fragrance Free Auto Dishwash Tablets x50
Gentoo Glass Water Filter Jug (Grey & White) 1.5L
Gentoo Replacement Filter Cartridge x9
Glass & Surface Cleaner - Unscented 500ml
Insulated Coffee Mug - Black 450ml
Insulated Coffee Mug - Chocolate 350ml
Insulated Coffee Mug - Midnight 310ml
Insulated Coffee Mug - Ocean 240ml
Insulated Coffee Mug - Ocean 450ml
Insulated Coffee Mug - Orange 350ml
Insulated Coffee Mug - Silver 350ml