High-Quality, Premium Bioactive Manuka Honey from Australia's Manuka

Australia’s Manuka are an Australian brand passionate about bee keeping, sustainability and total quality management. They take extreme care when crafting their premium quality hone, from sustainably harvesting honey from the pristine landscapes of Australia to their cold extraction processing and packaging.

Sourcing its honey from the unspoiled and diverse flora of Australia, Australia's Manuka offers a range of health-boosting honey renowned for their antibacterial and healing properties, Manuka honey has been a staple in traditional medicine and the cold extraction process used in honey production helps retain the beneficial compounds and enzymes found in the natural honey. The result is pure and potent bioactive MGO honey.

Australia's Manuka prides itself on authenticity and purity in the world of Manuka honey, offering a premium product with incredible health benefits. They go to great efforts to provide transparency in honey grading, which allows people to understand the potency of their products. The unique Manuka grading system, including UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) and MGO (Methylglyoxal), is highlighted to guide everyone in selecting the right product for their specific health needs.