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Organic Grass Fed Ghee 1kg
FODMAP Friendly EveryMite 240g
FODMAP Friendly EveryMite 960g
Grass Fed Ghee 1kg

Sol Organics Grass Fed Ghee 1kg

$44.36 $48.95
Grass Fed Ghee 275g

Sol Organics Grass Fed Ghee 275g

$17.17 $18.95
Grass Fed Ghee 450g

Sol Organics Grass Fed Ghee 450g

$26.23 $28.95
Immushroom EveryMite 150g
Keto Mayo - Classic 350ml

Vitawerx Keto Mayo - Classic 350ml

$11.56 $12.65
Keto Mayo - Turmeric, Ginger & Garlic 350ml
Low Aussie Salt EveryMite 240g
Low Aussie Salt EveryMite 960g
Low FODMAP EveryMite Baby 150g
Low FODMAP EveryMite Baby 950g
Organic Coconut Oil & Ghee 275g
Organic Crack'd Hazelnut Butter 250g
Organic Crunchy Hazelnut Chocolate Spread (6x200g)
Organic Grass Fed Ghee 275g
Organic Grass Fed Ghee 685g
Organic Minced Ginger (12x190g)
Original EveryMite 240g

EveryOrganics Original EveryMite 240g

$15.70 $15.95
Original EveryMite 960g

EveryOrganics Original EveryMite 960g

$45.27 $49.95
Powdered Almond Butter - Choc Biscuit 180g
Powdered Almond Butter - Choc Honeycomb 180g
Powdered Almond Butter - Salted Caramel 180g
Turmeric Super Ghee 275g

Sol Organics Turmeric Super Ghee 275g

$18.08 $19.95

At Healthy Being, we stock some of the best and most natural cacao butters, nut butters, natural peanut butter, tahini paste and more. Delicious and nutritious, all of our spreads are 100% natural and good for your overall health and wellbeing. The organic tahini paste we stock is made using only the finest sesame seeds and contains no artificial additives, GMOs or gluten. We also stock natural peanut but that is certified organic and also free from artificial additives, GMOs and gluten. Our range of cacao butter is vegan friendly and certified organic, cold-pressed and free from pesticides. Not to mention cacao butter is a great source of vitamin E and contains the essential fatty acids Omega-6 and monounsaturated Omega-9.

Whatever natural and healthy spread you’re looking for, chances are we’ve got it. Shop our range of cacao butters, nut butters, natural peanut butter, tahini paste and more, and receive free shipping on orders over $99.

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