Vegan Snacks, Paleo Snacks, Gluten Free Snacks & More

Vegan Jerky - Chipotle 70g
Vegan Jerky - Original 70g
Vegan Jerky - Sweet BBQ 70g
Vegan Jerky - Teriyaki 70g
Vegan Mac N Cheez - Original 200g
Coconut BBQ Sauce 250ml

Niulife Coconut BBQ Sauce 250ml

$12.95 $11.33
Australian Lemons 350g

Spice Girlz Australian Lemons 350g

$12.99 $12.11
Bar-B-Que Jackfruit 1kg
Bar-B-Que Jackfruit 300g
Chilli Lime Carnitas Jackfruit 300g
Coconut BBQ Sauce 2.5L

Niulife Coconut BBQ Sauce 2.5L

$95.95 $89.18
Gluten Free Gnocchi - Plain 250g
Gluten Free Gnocchi - Spinach 250g
Gluten Free Gnocchi - Tomato 250g
Golden Gut Blend 100g
Grass Fed Ghee 1kg

Sol Organics Grass Fed Ghee 1kg

$35.95 $34.99
Italian Herbs Dukkah 120g
Low Carb Sugar Free Icing Mix 225g
Mexican Chilli Dukkah 120g
Natural Seasoning Blend - All Purpose 50g
Natural Seasoning Blend - Dill & Garlic 50g
Natural Seasoning Blend - Garlic & Herb 50g
Natural Seasoning Blend - Moroccan 45g
Natural Seasoning Blend - Smokey 50g
Natural Seasoning Blend - Spicy Mexican 50g
Organic Coconut Oil & Ghee 275g
Organic Mushroom Magic Blend 100g
Organic Rolled Flaxseed 350g
Organic Sesame Seeds (Hulled) 80g
Organic Tigernut Flakes 250g
Organic Vegan Superbroth 100g
Original Jackfruit 300g
Plant Based Protein Patty Mix 370g
Probiotic Protein Porridge - Apple Pie 1kg
Probiotic Protein Porridge - Cacao Crunch 1kg
Pure Vanilla Extract 60ml
Pure Vanilla Paste 50g

Very Vanilla Pure Vanilla Paste 50g

$14.95 $13.54
Quick Mix Pizza Base 350g
Real Meal Kit - Ch'eesy Bacon Mac 285g
Real Meal Kit - Ch'eesy Mac 285g
Real Meal Kit - Pad See Ew 180g
Real Meal Kit - Thai Curry Noodle 280g
Real Meal Kit - Thai Spaghetti 260g
Sriracha Jackfruit 300g

Turn your pantry into a health-haven with our range of vegan snacks, gluten-free snacks, paleo snacks and more. When looking for healthy snack ideas, most of us turn to our pantry, right? However, if your pantry is filled with snacks that are unhealthy and laden with added sugars, salts, preservatives and more, well, that’s what you’re going to feed your body with. However, if your pantry is filled with natural, wholefoods that are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, you’ll be snacking on foods that will boost your body’s health from the inside out.

At Healthy Being, we stock a range of healthy pantry items that cater to a variety of food intolerances and dietary requirements. From vegan snacks to paleo snacks, to gluten free snacks, sweet treats, savoury bites and beyond, we’ve got your snacking needs sorted. Shop online now and receive free shipping Australia wide on orders over $99.