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Organic Maca Powder 500g
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What is maca? Maca is the organic superfood you can add into practically anything! It is a cruciferous root vegetable originating from Peru that acts as an adaptogen in the body. This means it can help to balance your hormones and improve libido. Also a source of B vitamins, Vitamin C, copper and iron - maca has long been used to help improve energy levels, stamina and everyday vitality.

Enjoy the health benefits of maca with our range of pure maca powders and organic maca root capsules! Also known as ‘Peruvian Ginseng’, maca root powder can put a little pep back into your step, naturally! Add to your favourite smoothies, oatmeal, cereals, desserts, and baked goods. A little goes a long way for this delicious, malty, nutty flavoured superfood!