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Vegan Ear Candles - Unscented x4

Ever wondered how to remove earwax safely without sticking a tiny cotton bud into your ear canal? If so, we’ve got the perfect solution: ear candles. Ear candles are typically made from wax (like beeswax) and unbleached cotton. But how does it work? Ear candling has been used by naturopaths and therapists for decades. Ear candles involved slowly and gentling filling the ear canal with warm air that helps to soften earwax. The heat enhances blood flow within the ear canal, promoting relaxation and calmness. As the warm air rises, it creates a vacuum at the base of the candle that draws out waste and moisture from the ear canal, expelling any earwax build up.

So, the next time your ears feel like they need a deep clean, step away from the harmful cotton buds and opt for a relaxing, natural option of using ear candle wax. Shop Healthy Being’s range of ear candles today and receive free shipping Australia wide on orders of $99.

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