Organic Dried Fruits

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Wild Dried Blueberries 125g
Natural Dried Tart Cherries 125g
Organic Dried Raspberries 125g
Dark Chocolate Coated Tart Cherries 125g
Organic Dried Cranberries 125g
Antioxidant Super Berries 125g
Dark Chocolate Coated Blueberries 125g
Marbled Macadamia 100g
Organic Dried Strawberries 125g
Organic Goji Berries 125g
Organic Goji Berries 250g
Organic Goji Berries 500g
Organic Goldenberries 125g
Organic Goldenberries 225g
White Chocolate Strawberries 90g
Wild Adventure Trail Mix 100g

Dried fruit, such as goji berries and dried cranberries, is the ultimate healthy snack for when you’re craving something sweet but also want something nourishing and nutritious. Dried fruit is just regular fruit that has had almost all of its water content removed through drying methods. The fruit shrinks, which leaves small, energy-dense pieces of dried fruit. In fact, one piece of dried fruit contains about the same level of nutrients as the fresh fruit but in a much smaller portion.

Dried fruit contains plenty of fibre and is also a great source of antioxidants such as polyphenols, which can improve your blood flow, offer better digestive health and reduce the risk of various diseases. However, not all dried fruit is created equal, so it’s important when shopping for dried fruit such as goji berries, dried cranberries, dried apricots and more that you choose products that are natural and free from added sugars. Shop Healthy Being’s range of natural and organic dried fruit today.

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