Organic Bee Pollen

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Raw Unprocessed Bee Pollen 180g

What’s all the buzz about bee pollen and what are the benefits of bee pollen? Bee pollen is an ingredient you’ll find in most health food stores, but what exactly is it? Bee pollen is a pollen ball that has been packed by bees into little edible pellets. It has a subtle, sweet honeycomb flavour and is rich in amino acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and other essential nutrients. Thanks to its impressive nutrient profile, studies show eating bee pollen has a range of health benefits. Bee pollen benefits include fighting fatigue, keeping your lungs healthy, improving your digestion, supporting your immune system, protecting your heart and blood vessels, reducing PMS symptoms, and even helping to protect your liver from toxicity!

At Healthy Being, we stock only the best quality, ethically sourced, bee pollen health products. Enjoy the benefits of bee pollen as a smoothie bowl topper, in your cereal, as part of a trail mix, or as a sprinkle on salads, toast and desserts. Shop now.

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