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Ever heard of ‘Cellfood’ and wondered exactly what it is? Here’s the low-down. Cellfood products have been formulated to improve your overall health and physical performance. Cellfood is a plant-based formula that contains ionic minerals, enzymes, amino acids, electrolytes and dissolved oxygen. All of these ingredients are compacted into liquid form so they can be easily absorbed by every cell in your body. So what are the benefits of Cellfood? they help enhance energy levels, nutrient absorption, recovery from injury and keeping pH levels balanced in the body. Cellfood may also increase cellular oxygenation, breathing, mental clarity and focus and the removal of free radicals from your body.

We stock a range of Cellfood products on our online store, including Cellfood Original Concentrate, Cellfood Essential Silica Formula, Cellfood Natural Fat Burn Formula and Cellfood Oxygenating Skin Gel. Don’t forget to take advantage of free shipping Australia wide on orders over $99.

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