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There's nothing more heartbreaking than the sound of a crying, teething baby. And, as a parent, you'll do anything to soothe them and take their pain away. The usual go-to method? A baby soother or teether. Unfortunately, most common baby soothers and teethers (also known as baby dummies) are made from harsh plastics and harmful chemicals that have no place being inside your baby’s mouth. For this very reason, many concerned parents are now opting for a natural rubber soother instead. A 100% pure natural rubber soother is free from phthalates, parabens, BPA, PVC and other harmful chemicals that are used in the majority of baby soothers in order to soften the rubber.

At Healthy Being we offer all natural rubber soothers and natural teethers that are chemical free (and still so soft!) Shop for natural rubber soothers with confidence and enjoy free shipping Australia wide on all orders over $99, only online at Healthy Being.

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