Organic Olive Leaf Extract

Olive Leaf Extract - Children's Formula 200ml
Olive Leaf Extract - Mixed Berry 1L
Olive Leaf Extract - Mixed Berry 500ml
Olive Leaf Extract - Natural 1L
Olive Leaf Extract - Natural 500ml
Olive Leaf Extract - Peppermint 1L
Olive Leaf Extract - Peppermint 500ml
Olive Leaf Lozenges + Manuka Honey x12
Oral Spray Olive Leaf Extract 20ml

Used as a medicinal remedy for thousands of years, olive leaf extract has a range of healing benefits. Not only does olive leaf extract strengthen your immune system but it also helps maintain great cardiovascular health. Furthermore, it is the ultimate free-radical neutraliser, with 400% more antioxidant properties than vitamin C! Olive leaf extract contains a balance synergy of active compounds that also works to control blood pressure, balance cholesterol levels and manage blood sugar levels. It is also an excellent natural remedy for relieving the symptoms associated with colds, flu, coughs and respiratory infections.

There are countless olive leaf extract benefits, which have been scientifically studied and proven, so what are you waiting for? Olive leaf extract is a true antioxidant powerhouse that’s suitable for most people. Browse our range of 100% natural, Australian olive leaf extract products today and receive free shipping on orders over $99.