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Pure Green Calcium Powder 250g
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Pure Green Calcium VegeCaps (883mg) x240
Pure Green Calcium VegeCaps (883mg) x60
Vital Calcium Vegecaps x60

Looking for the best plant-based calcium supplement? Look no further than Healthy Being’s range of vegan calcium and calcium rich foods. Many of our vegetarian and vegan friends have asked us what the best sources of calcium are for vegans, so we made it our mission to find the best vegan calcium supplements available in Australia. Non-dairy sources of calcium rich foods include tofu, tempeh, fortified nut milks, green veggies, nuts and seeds, kelp, chia, salmon, mackerel and sardines with bones, oysters and mussels. But unless you’re really good at eating these foods regularly, chances are you’re not getting enough calcium daily. Australian adults require 1000mg of calcium a day, so to protect yourself from calcium deficiency, a well-absorbed calcium powder supplement can really help.

Shop our range of high quality vegan calcium and other sources of calcium rich foods today and receive free shipping Australia wide on orders over $99.

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