Natural & Organic Vegetarian Products

You’ve found your way here for one of two reasons; you’re considering the move to vegetarianism or you’re already a vegetarian and are looking for a huge range of products that are all available online (that don’t break the bank). If you’re a vegetarian already, you can simply take a look through the plethora of items we have – you’re bound to find exactly what you’re after. Conversely, for those of you who are still unsure of whether you really want to stop eating meat altogether, you can browse to see exactly options are available for such a lifestyle.

Either way, at Healthy Being you’re bound to find what you’re looking for! Take note also that for any order adding up to over $99, you get completely FREE shipping!

Neem Active Toothpaste 125g
Protein Bread Mix - 6 Australia Seeds 350g
Detox Crystal Salt Bath Soak 1Kg
Organic Hemp Seeds 1Kg
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Organic Hemp Seed Oil 500ml
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Organic Shea Butter 100g
L.A. Natural Hair Styling Gel 200ml
Lavender Shampoo 950ml

Alaffia Lavender Shampoo 950ml

$19.95 $18.69
Replacement Head Dish Scrubber
Organic Aloe Vera Conditioner 265ml
Organic Aloe Vera Shampoo 265ml
Organic Wakame Flakes 50g
Paleo Granola - Hazelnut Fig 300g
Baltic Amber Cognac Love Children's Necklace 33cm
Banana Healing Ointment 30ml
Charcoal Facial Cleansing Bar 170g
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Charcoal Whitening Tooth Powder 30g
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Green Banana Resistant Starch 1kg
Organic Hemp Oil 2in1 Shampoo Conditioner 265ml
Organic Lemon Essential Oil 10ml
Premium Grade BCAA (Lemonade) 200g
Protein Muffin Mix 340g
Protein Pancake Mix 300g
Rose + Red Tea Facial Toner 60ml
WILD Volumiser Shampoo  250ml
3-in-1 Anti-Bacterial Cleaner 750ml
Active Jellybush Honey (ULF 20+) 250g
BLOKS Energy Chews - Black Cherry (18x60g)
Blueberry Slim Life Herbal Tea Bags x16
Cellfood Natural Burn formula 118ml
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DIETERS Extra Strength Tea Bags x15
Ginger Soother Drink 355ml
GreenSUPERFOODS VCaps (600mg) x120
GreenSUPERFOODS VCaps (600mg) x250
L.A. Hold Hair Spritz 150ml

Giovanni L.A. Hold Hair Spritz 150ml

$16.95 $15.36
Lemon Myrtle Goat's Milk Soap 140g
Lime & Lemongrass Goat's Milk Soap 140g
Mandarin Vitalizing Shower Gel 251ml
Moroccan Argan Stem Cell Conditioner 235ml
Moroccan Argan Stem Cell Shampoo 235ml
Natural Banana Toothpaste 50g
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Natural Relaxing Massage Oil 200ml
Natural Xylitol Icing Sugar 500g