Fairtrade Organic Coffee

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Almond Protein Instant Coffee 300g
Coffee Mental Focus Elixir - Espresso x25
Organic Coffee - Woodford Blend (Beans) 1kg
Organic Coffee - Woodford Blend (Beans) 250g

There are very few better smells in the world than that of a freshly-brewed coffee, and the first sip in the morning is a truly humbling moment. Unfortunately, many of the beans that make it to your cup are full of preservatives and chemicals. If you’re looking to break free from that, Healthy Being has a fantastic range of quality Fairtrade organic coffee for you to choose from. Free of chemicals, you can be sure that what you’re grinding up hasn’t been washed by a chemical treatment before. More so, it’s simply a better tasting flavour Better still, you won’t get those annoying jitters! Delicious, aromatic organic coffee - select from only the best Fairtrade origins!

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