Nirvana Organics

Nirvana Organics produce high quality, natural products. They specialise in all-natural sweeteners and the healthy salt.

Butterscotch Liquid Stevia 50ml
Fine Himalayan Salt Shaker 125g
Mint Liquid Stevia 50ml
Organic Stevia Slim Liquid 30ml
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Ceramic Himalayan Salt Pipe Inhaler
Hazelnut Liquid Stevia 50ml
Strawberry Liquid Stevia 50ml
Vanilla Liquid Stevia 50ml
Caramel Liquid Stevia 50ml
Chocolate Liquid Stevia 50ml
Detox Crystal Salt Bath Soak 1Kg
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Fine Himalayan Salt 1Kg
Fine Himalayan Salt 250g
Fine Himalayan Salt 500g
Granules Himalayan Salt 1Kg
Granules Himalayan Salt 250g
Granules Himalayan Salt 500g
Medium Himalayan Salt 1Kg
Medium Himalayan Salt 250g
Medium Himalayan Salt 500g
Medium Himalayan Salt Shaker 125g
Organic Stevia Extract Powder 100g
Organic Stevia Extract Powder 15g
Organic Stevia Extract Powder 30g
Organic Stevia Liquid 15ml
Organic Stevia Liquid 30ml
Organic Stevia Liquid 50ml
Organic Stevia Slim Powder 200g
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Organic Stevia Slim Powder 500g
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Organic Stevia Tablets x100
Organic Stevia Tablets x250
Organic Stevia Tablets x500
Pepper Himalayan Salt Glass Grinder 90g
Solé Chunks 500g

Nirvana Organics Solé Chunks 500g

$11.95 $10.83
Xylitol  2Kg

Nirvana Organics Xylitol 2Kg

$46.95 $44.01
Xylitol  500g

Nirvana Organics Xylitol 500g

$14.95 $13.54
Xylitol 1Kg

Nirvana Organics Xylitol 1Kg

$24.95 $23.38
Xylitol Sachets  40x4g
Xylitol Shaker Pack  200g