Natural & Organic Vegetarian Products

You’ve found your way here for one of two reasons; you’re considering the move to vegetarianism or you’re already a vegetarian and are looking for a huge range of products that are all available online (that don’t break the bank). If you’re a vegetarian already, you can simply take a look through the plethora of items we have – you’re bound to find exactly what you’re after. Conversely, for those of you who are still unsure of whether you really want to stop eating meat altogether, you can browse to see exactly options are available for such a lifestyle.

Either way, at Healthy Being you’re bound to find what you’re looking for! Take note also that for any order adding up to over $99, you get completely FREE shipping!

Organic Maca Capsules 240 Caps
Gin Gins Original Ginger Chews 84g
Laundry Liquid - Orange & Eucalyptus 1L
Dishwash Liquid - Sweet Orange & Clementine 500ml
Baby Moisturiser 250ml
Fragrance Free Deodorant Stick 40g
Natural Banana Toothpaste 50g
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Natural Blackcurrant Toothpaste 50g
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Natural Coconut Mint Lip Balm 4.25g
Spearmint Herbal Tea Bags x25
Natural Blueberry Toothpaste 50g
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Natural Raspberry Toothpaste 50g
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Natural Strawberry Toothpaste 50g
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Organic Ginger Syrup 237ml
SLIM TEA Extra Strength Tea Bags x15
Natural Coconut Shampoo 1L

Biologika Natural Coconut Shampoo 1L

$20.95 $19.64
Organic Dulse Flakes 1Kg
Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil 10ml
Antioxidant Super Berries 125g
Carob Powder  500g

Organic Times Carob Powder 500g

$9.95 $9.02
Castor Oil  100ml

Vrindavan Castor Oil 100ml

$16.95 $15.36
Coarse Sea Salt (Celtic)  650g
Fabric Softener - Citrus 500ml
Hand Wash (Refill) - Rose & Cardamon 500ml
Laundry Liquid - Citrus Fusion 1L
Laundry Powder - Fragrance Free 1Kg
Little Gems Chocolate (Organic)  500g
Natural Coconut Conditioner 1L
Natural Face & Body Scrub 150g
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Naturally Sweet BIRCH Xylitol 1Kg
Orange & Aloe Vera Soap 90g
Raw Organic Cacao POWDER (Kraft Bag) 500g
Raw Organic Cacao POWDER 1Kg
Rosewood & Almond Shampoo 375ml
Shave Gel For Men 150g
2chic Ultra-Sleek Leave-in Conditioner 118ml
2chic Ultra-Volume Leave-in Conditioner 118ml
5 Point Herbal Detox Tonic 500ml
Air Freshener - Apple Blossom 250ml
Air Freshener - Lavender 250ml
Almond Meal 200g

Organic Times Almond Meal 200g

$18.95 $17.16
Ayurvedic Mouthwash 354ml

Auromere Ayurvedic Mouthwash 354ml

$16.95 $15.36
Bedtime Herbal Tea Bags x16
Black Magic Natural Mascara 6ml
Blueberry Slim Life Herbal Tea Bags x16