Natural & Organic Vegetarian Products

You’ve found your way here for one of two reasons; you’re considering the move to vegetarianism or you’re already a vegetarian and are looking for a huge range of products that are all available online (that don’t break the bank). If you’re a vegetarian already, you can simply take a look through the plethora of items we have – you’re bound to find exactly what you’re after. Conversely, for those of you who are still unsure of whether you really want to stop eating meat altogether, you can browse to see exactly options are available for such a lifestyle.

Either way, at Healthy Being you’re bound to find what you’re looking for! Take note also that for any order adding up to over $99, you get completely FREE shipping!

Neem Aloe Vera Cleansing Bar 140g
Organic Dark Mint Chocolate 80g
Top Seller
Organic Dark Quinoa Chocolate 80g
Organic Hemp Seed Oil 500ml
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Organic Turmeric Golden Latte 100g
Ginger Soother Drink 355ml
Pure Black Seed Oil 250ml

Hab Shifa Pure Black Seed Oil 250ml

$36.95 $32.32
Spearmint Herbal Tea Bags x25
Baltic Amber Rainbow Love Children's Necklace 33cm
Acne Control Caplets (with Vitex) x90
Bar-B-Que Jackfruit 300g
Colloidal Four 200ml
Grade A Organic Maple Syrup 473ml
Natural Arthritis Pain Relief Caps x250
Organic Cocoa Powder 200g
Organic Icing Sugar 500g
Organic Maca Capsules 240 Caps
Organic Tamanu Oil 50ml
Peppermint Xylitol Mints Bottle 180 Pcs
Premium Grade BCAA (Lemonade) 200g
Pure Organic Vitamin E Oil 50ml
Wintergreen Toothpaste  113g
Calendula Cream 50ml

Ecosoothe Calendula Cream 50ml

$9.95 $8.70
Citrus Black Soap 475ml

Alaffia Citrus Black Soap 475ml

$14.95 $13.54
Coconut Chips with Lemon Myrtle & Cinnamon 40g
Coconut Vanilla Body Wash 400ml
Crunchy Peanut Butter Energy Bar (12x68g)
Top Seller
Detangling Spray - Silky Smooth 242ml
Digest-Ease Probiotic 150g

NTS Health Digest-Ease Probiotic 150g

$29.95 $23.81
Dishwash Liquid - Fragrance Free 500ml
Female Balance Herbal Tea Bags x25
Gin Gins Original Ginger Chews (Bag) 84g
GreenCALCIUM Powder 250g
GreenSUPERFOODS VCaps (600mg) x120
Hawaiian Spirulina Powder 100g
Heal Your Gut Powder 250g
Healthy Vinaigrette Salad Dressing 354ml
Liquid Aminos 946ml

Bragg Liquid Aminos 946ml

$19.95 $18.70
Liquid Aminos Spray 180ml

Bragg Liquid Aminos Spray 180ml

$9.95 $9.01
Magnesium Oil Ultra + MSM 1L
Multigrain Porridge (10x60g)
Natural Rubber Teether (Fish) TWIN PACK
Neti Salt Eco Refillable Jar 340g
Oatmeal Raisin Energy Bar (12x68g)
Organic Arnica Oil 50ml
Organic Citrus Kombucha 500ml
Organic Coconut Lime Kombucha 500ml