About Us

Bringing nature's gifts to a modern world, transforming human beings into healthy beings.

"As a quadriplegic, paralysed from the neck down, healthy living is an absolute necessity! Achieving the goals for my own health, I am driven by a passion for helping others and promoting the benefits of a natural, healthy lifestyle – that is the very genesis of Healthy Being" - Anthony Succar, Founder.

Welcome to Healthy Being!

Healthy Being is an Australian owned and operated family business with a mission to provide the highest quality innovative, natural, organic, eco-friendly and fair trade health products directly to customers at competitive prices!

Everyone has a right to a healthy body and a healthy lifestyle, and at Healthy Being we are passionate about making this a reality. Forget about modern-day forgeries, food and products that are made up of harsh and damaging chemicals, instead give your body what it’s designed for! Natural and organic products are essential for human health and will make you look and feel great.

Healthy Being is not a typical business, selling products and offloading stock with a sole concern about the weekly or monthly bottom line. We believe in what we sell and are driven by a desire to help people stay healthy (see Our Story below). To that end, we offer our customers an amazing Reward Program, free advice from qualified nutritionists, complete access to an ever-growing library of articles written by qualified nutritionists that provide great insights into health and nutrition, free shipping options Australia-wide, and above all, incredibly reduced prices across almost thousands of products!

At Healthy Being we have carefully selected the best that nature has to offer and deliver it directly to you. Every product is meticulously assessed by our Head of Product Research to guarantee quality and allow you to shop with confidence! Our motto is simple – human beings into healthy beings!

Our Story...

Imagine for a moment you suddenly lose your ability to be active, not just intense ‘gym’ exercise activities but a complete and total loss of movement – complete muscle paralysis from the neck down. Suddenly, the definition of ‘sedentary’ doesn’t quite cut it. Now think about the health implications of such a loss; weight gain, cholesterol, kidney failure, skin breakdown, muscle atrophy, severe reduction of blood circulation, compromised immune system and liver, etc… you get the idea, it’s a bad situation.

Hi there, my name is Anthony Succar, founder and Business Manager at Healthy Being. When I was in my early teens I was involved in a motor vehicle accident that left me with a spinal cord injury, paralysed from the neck down. Remember that nightmare scenario I just had you imagine a few seconds ago? Well, I’ve pretty much lived it! A sad story, but I promise there's a happy ending, so read on...

Long story short (or short'ish); to counter the ongoing health implications that result after a spinal cord injury, the response of ‘modern medicine’ is pharmaceutical drugs,...and a lot of them! I'm not talking about 'Panadol' here, I'm talking about harsh, hardcore medicine, pills of every kind just to keep your health stable. In fact, the drugs were so harsh that it was an absolutely mandatory requirement to have a liver function test every 3 months to monitor possible liver failure. Yep, I was caught up in the system and as the years went by I had come to accept modern pharmaceuticals as part and parcel of my life, despite the horrible side effects.

Fast forward a few years, older and wiser in my mid 20’s, I started to question my 'standard' medications that I’d been thoroughly taught were necessary. Studying at the University of Sydney (computer science...missed out on the carpentry apprenticeship:) I had access to some great research material, particularly around the history and evolution of modern medicine – it soon became an addiction. I was learning so much about natural remedies and old medicinal practices that I was beginning to confuse myself. Soon after, I started looking into how the human body functions and the correlations between diets and health issues. That’s when the pieces finally came together and I was confused no more! One by one I started to drop the prescribed ‘necessary’ harsh drugs in favour of natural remedies and gradually changed my diet to include only natural and organic products; structuring everything I eat towards achieving specific health benefits.

Today, contrary to everything doctors insist on, I am a single tablet away from being ‘medicine’ free and perfectly healthy. Still can’t walk or move my hands though… but I’m working on it:)

So how does a computer science grad and career technologist start something like Healthy Being?

It seems to be the question on everyone’s mind. After I turned to natural gifts to benefit my health, I didn’t just drop pharmaceutical drugs, I became a lot more (and very noticeably) healthier. It didn't take long for family and friends to pick up on the change, and I soon became the de facto 'go-to guy' for health advice - as was so candidly said to me once “Heck, if a quadriplegic can be this healthy, you gotta be doing something right”. I eventually started a dialogue in my head whenever someone bugged me “Seriously, I should make a business out of this”. Thinking out loud one day, my younger brothers Peter & Paul, who were within earshot casually responded “Why not

The immediate constraints to starting a business like Healthy Being were obvious; I am unequalled in using a PC or smartphone, but ask me to shelve or package boxes and I’m bested (if you’re confused here’s a clue…no hands!). Soon enough Healthy Being became a family affair and before I knew it ‘hands’ were in abundance. Paul took over warehouse operations and logistics, and Peter (Mr PhD) took over product research and development. As for me, well I’m everything in between, managing our ever-growing staff and the day-to-day operations that keep the boat afloat as we continually expand…off course keeping my two knucklehead brothers in line takes up a huge chunk of my time:)

So there you have it, a face (or family) behind the fancy website and marketing material. In all truth, Healthy Being is a business born out of passion and struggle, guided by a belief in the importance of nature’s essential role in promoting optimum health and quality of life.