Superfoods vs COVID-19: How a Healthy Diet Can Flatten the Curve

By The Team @ Healthy Being   |   11 April 2020 

The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has severely impacted our lifestyles in ways we didn’t even think possible. During this time, we thought it is only necessary to share helpful information on how we all can flatten the curve.

Although it may be hard with those tasty snacks teasing you in the pantry, it’s now crucial more than ever to maintain a healthy and nutritional diet during this time in self-isolation.

Experts have noted that specific superfoods have the ability to naturally boost our immune system. Those who are healthier, with strong immune systems are generally the ones who can fight the virus and keep them less at risk. These superfoods include nutrients and micronutrients such as iron, vitamins A, C and D3 and zinc.

Not only is a healthy diet helping those overcome the virus if they are exposed, but it can also help with keeping patients outside of the hospital to recover at home. This plays a huge part in flattening the curve, as they are leaving room in hospitals for the high-risk patients who need urgent medical assistance.

So, now that we know how we can do it, let’s get to what we should be eating!

Kale & Carrots

Tell us something we don’t know, right? We’ve all heard the benefits of kale and carrots but now more than ever before, we most definitely need their vitamins. Both have a high volume of beta carotene that is converted to Vitamin A (a key player for our immune systems). These heroes work hard in responding to any bad guys like toxins and other foreign elements. Other great sources of beta carotene include sweet potatoes, apricots and mangoes, so be sure to add those to the shopping list next time you make an essential trip to the grocery.

Oranges & Broccoli  

Coming in next with their vitamin C volume are oranges and broccoli. Alongside this powerful duo, research has suggested cauliflower, watermelon, strawberries and red & green peppers also have a high source of vitamin C. This vitamin has the ability to stimulate white blood cells and also helps the body produce antibodies to help fight any foreign substances like bacteria or a virus. Definitely something that everyone could benefit from!

Mushrooms, Egg & Cheese

Not only does that sound like a delicious omelette, these three superfoods are also rich in vitamin D, one vitamin that is essential for our well-being and our immune systems. Vitamin D has the ability to kill infectious agents in the body. The fact that we aren’t getting as much sunlight in the day as a source of vitamin D, means we may need to actively seek out foods with high levels to maintain immune systems and protect against bacteria and viruses. So, foods like mushroom, eggs and cheese will need to be included in your daily intake. 

Nuts, Beans & Cereal

These superfoods are the kings of zinc. Zinc can assist immune system cells to grow and adapt to their environment. A study also revealed that Zinc may be able to “shorten the symptoms of the common cold”. Ensuring you have enough zinc will allow your body to function in optimal condition. A small handful of nuts instead of that chocolate in the pantry can be the perfect nutritious snack within your day in self-isolation. With that in mind, nuts, beans and cereal is the new toilet paper in our eyes!

It is imperative that we are incorporating a healthy diet and lifestyle to do our part in flattening the curve.

This small step in altering your daily intake to be more superfood based can have a massive impact in flattening the curve in Australia. These are some great superfoods to include in your daily intake to not only help yourself, but also help each other in combating COVID-19 for a faster national recovery.

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