Once upon a time, a passionate and energetic team in 2009 acted on a vision.

Passionate for a cleaner, greener and healthier planet, Cheeki launched into the drink ware market with stainless steel bottles. Great designs and quality products aided Cheeki to grow quickly into Australia’s leading stainless steel bottle company.

Cheeki’s vision to offer a sustainable alternative to disposable single-use containers has diversified its range to include stainless steel bottles, mugs, shakers and cups. Cheeki’s passion to provide a healthy and environmentally friendlier product has allowed us to extend our range to include insulated bottles, flasks and jars.

Blue Insulated Stainless Steel Food Jar 480ml
Bullet Black Sports Bottle 830ml
Coffee Mug - Chocolate 350ml

Cheeki Coffee Mug - Chocolate 350ml

$37.95 $31.58
Coffee Mug - Midnight 310ml

Cheeki Coffee Mug - Midnight 310ml

$26.95 $22.33
Coffee Mug - Ocean 240ml

Cheeki Coffee Mug - Ocean 240ml

$24.95 $20.79
Coffee Mug - Orange 350ml

Cheeki Coffee Mug - Orange 350ml

$37.95 $31.58
Coral Insulated Stainless Steel Food Jar 480ml
Fairies Stainless Steel Bottle 350ml
Green Owl Stainless Steel Bottle 500ml
Karabiner Replacement Lid

Cheeki Karabiner Replacement Lid

$3.95 $3.19
Kids Twist Replacement Lid (Red)
Monkey Stainless Steel Bottle 350ml
Owls Stainless Steel Bottle 350ml
Wildgrass Stainless Steel Bottle 500ml
Sports Replacement Lid