100% Natural, Organic Snacks and Superfoods

Dr Superfoods is an Australian company that produces premium superfood snacks along with muesli and trail mix offerings. They aim to keep introducing new and exciting superfoods, which are all 100% natural, preservative-free and/or organic!

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Dark Chocolate Coated Strawberries 125g
Organic Dried Raspberries 125g
Organic Dried Strawberries 125g
Amber Chocolate Roasted Almonds 125g
Amber Chocolate Roasted Hazelnuts 125g
Dark Choc Organic Goji Berries 125g
Dark Choc Organic Goji Berries 300g
Dark Chocolate Coated Almonds 125g
Dark Chocolate Coated Blueberries 125g
Dark Chocolate Coated Tart Cherries 125g
Organic Dried Cranberries 125g
Organic Goji Berries 250g
Organic Goji Berries 500g
Organic Matcha Tea Powder 124g
Wild Adventure Trail Mix 100g
Wild Dried Blueberries 125g