100% Natural, Allergy-Friendly Wholefoods from EveryOrganics

A family-owned business founded by a mother searching for an allergy-friendly version of Vegemite for her son, EveryOrganics was launched with their flagship product, EveryMite - a delicious, allergy-friendly super spread that's nutrient-dense, made with certified organic ingredients and free from yeast, gluten, soy, grains, nuts, dairy, eggs, thickeners, or added preservatives.

With the success of their EveryMite super speed, their range quickly expanded to include many healthy pantry essentials, including different varieties of EveryMite, healthy salts, olive oil and Australian bee pollen sourced from ethical beehives. 

So if you are looking for wholesome, allergy-friendly foods to stock up your pantry, check out Healthy Being's incredible range of natural and organic products today. Shop now and enjoy free shipping options across Australia and worldwide delivery!

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Cold Smoked Chilli Salt 110g
Cold Smoked Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250ml
Cold Smoked Salt & Pepper 130g
Cold Smoked Sea Salt 150g
Cold Smoked Shroom Salt 110g
FODMAP Friendly EveryMite 240g
FODMAP Friendly EveryMite 960g
Immushroom EveryMite 150g
Low Aussie Salt EveryMite 240g
Low Aussie Salt EveryMite 960g
Low FODMAP EveryMite Baby 150g
Low FODMAP EveryMite Baby 950g
Original EveryMite 240g

EveryOrganics Original EveryMite 240g

$15.70 $15.95
Original EveryMite 960g

EveryOrganics Original EveryMite 960g

$45.27 $49.95