Premium Yoga Mats,, Accessories & Wellness Products From Gaiam

Gaiam is an internationally recognised health and wellness brand, a market leader and pioneers of innovative yoga mats, props and gear, as well as premium quality fitness and recovery companions. With a range of health and wellness home essentials, including Yoga Mats, Yoga Socks and an extensive selection of massage and self-care items, Gaiam has an assortment of offerings that promote a healthy and harmonious lifestyle.

More and more people everywhere are discovering the incredible benefits of yoga, searching for new ways to encourage holistic wellness and self-care. As a globally renowned brand, Gaiam has something for everyone - and best of all, their amazing products also double as excellent gifts that are both functional and impressive.

So if you are looking for ways to promote a more holistic healthy lifestyle, whilst also being conscious of environmental impacts and sustainability, check out Healthy Being's incredible range of products today. Shop now and enjoy free shipping options across Australia and worldwide delivery!

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Super Grippy Yoga Socks - Small/Medium
Acupressure Mat & Pillow

Gaiam Acupressure Mat & Pillow

$58.86 $64.95
Back & Body Buddy

Gaiam Back & Body Buddy

$22.62 $24.95
Classic Starter 3mm Yoga Mat - Blue Flower
Cold Therapy Massage Buddy

Gaiam Cold Therapy Massage Buddy

$29.86 $32.95
Core & Back Pilates Ball

Gaiam Core & Back Pilates Ball

$20.80 $22.95
CorePlus Reformer - 4 Loop Design
Deep Relief Vibration Massager

Gaiam Deep Relief Vibration Massager

$36.21 $39.95
Essential Support 4.5mm Yoga Mat - Blue Flower
Flatband Loop Mobility & Movement - Light Resistance
Flatband Loop Tone Up - Medium Resistance
Flatband Mobility & Movement - Light Resistance
Flatband Tone Up - Medium Resistance
Hand Held Massager

Gaiam Hand Held Massager

$22.62 $24.95
Hand Therapy Kit

Gaiam Hand Therapy Kit

$22.62 $24.95
Hot & Cold Neck Cradle

Gaiam Hot & Cold Neck Cradle

$29.86 $32.95
Mary Jane Yoga Socks - Small/Medium
No Knots Massage Ball

Gaiam No Knots Massage Ball

$17.18 $18.95
Pilates Toning Ring

Gaiam Pilates Toning Ring

$36.21 $39.95
Premium Support 6mm Yoga Mat - Dark Marble
Premium Support 6mm Yoga Mat - Sea Glass
Super Soothe Back & Lumbar Massager
Super Soothe Neck Massager

Gaiam Super Soothe Neck Massager

$63.39 $69.95
Super Soothe Vibration Massager

Gaiam Super Soothe Vibration Massager

$95.12 $139.95
Total Body Balance Ball (65cm)

Gaiam Total Body Balance Ball (65cm)

$40.74 $44.95
Treat Your Feet Kit

Gaiam Treat Your Feet Kit

$40.74 $44.95
Ultimate Foot & Body Massager

Gaiam Ultimate Foot & Body Massager

$13.54 $14.95
Wellness USB Mini Diffuser

Gaiam Wellness USB Mini Diffuser

$31.68 $34.95
Yoga & Barre Grippy Socks - Small/Medium