Highly Nutritious, GMO-free & 100% Natural Superfoods from Grass Roots

At Grass Roots, their mission is to make being healthy easy, with simple and sustainable habits that the whole family
can enjoy - including children. They expertly take nutrient-dense wholefoods and transform them into delightfully simple, inspired diet additions that will have you well on your way to optimum health and wellbeing!

Their entire range of premium superfoods is minimally processed to retain all the nutritional goodness as nature intended - all it takes is a simple sprinkle, mix or drizzle to give your health the boost it needs. Whether it's nutrient-dense hemp seeds, fibre packed chia seeds or antioxidant-rich organic cacao, Grass Roots has you covered - all Australian made, GMO-free and 100% natural.

So if you are looking for nutrient-dense wholefoods, completely free of preservatives or any nasty ingredients, check out Healthy Being's premium selection of incredible superfoods today and give your health the boost it needs. Shop now and enjoy free shipping options across Australia and worldwide delivery! 

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Organic Green Leaf Stevia 250g
Australian Hemp 45 Protein 350g
Australian Hemp Seed Oil 250ml
Organic Cacao Powder 250g

Grass Roots Organic Cacao Powder 250g

$10.80 $11.95
Organic Chia Seeds 250g
Organic Chia Seeds 500g

Grass Roots Organic Chia Seeds 500g

$12.64 $13.95
Organic Chia Seeds 900g

Grass Roots Organic Chia Seeds 900g

$20.79 $22.95
Organic Hemp 60 Protein 350g
Organic Hemp Hearts 250g

Grass Roots Organic Hemp Hearts 250g

$13.54 $14.95
Organic Hemp Hearts 500g

Grass Roots Organic Hemp Hearts 500g

$23.52 $25.95