Just Jojoba

Just Jojoba Australia was created in 2011 by husband and wife team Lindsey and Meredith Marshall after the birth our number 7 boy Theo. The all round benefits of using pure Australian Grown Jojoba Oil on every member of their family for the treatment of acne, stretch marks, mouth ulcers, head lice control, nappy rash empowered the couple to ensure this miraculous product was correctly priced and available to everyone.  Since then their distribution of the product into health food stores in Australia as well as supply to the worldwide market has been inspirational and a real testimony to the amazing properties of their very proudly AUSTRALIAN GROWN jojoba oil.
In September 2012 they were accepted by the "Australia Made, Australian Grown" Campaign and are authorised to include this symbol on all their packing.  This symbols shows the collaboration they have dealing directly with Aussie growers of this amazing crop.  Purchasing Just Jojoba Australia ensures all money stays in Australia.

Pure Australian Golden Jojoba 125ml
Pure Australian Golden Jojoba 250ml
Pure Australian Golden Jojoba 30ml
Pure Australian Golden Jojoba 500ml